BKPI "JIhae" web series by Hye Yun Park

We Might Be Superheroes (guest appearance) "Kickstart" by Amusement Films

The Potential Wives of Norman Mao, "Angela" written and directed by DerekNguyen.

Kill St., "Fighter" directed by Scott Cramer. 

Anna May Wong: In Her Own Words (documentary), choreographer. Directed by Yunah Hong.

Double Dealing, "Felicia Akimoto". Directed by Victoria Linchon.

Law and Order, Detective Shimura. Directed by Steven Shill.

MBC Anniversary Special, martial artist, MBC-Beirut, Lebanon. 

Artifacts, "Museum Woman", John Zeiderman, director.

Possession, "woman"/lead. Steven Nam, director.

The Girls From HARM, "Troya Nice". Amusement Films, Pat Bishow, director.

As the World Turns, U/5, CBS.

The Adventures of El Frenetico and Go Girl, "Runway". Amusement Films, directed by Pat Bishow. 

Walking and Talking, waitress. Good Machine Baby.

Snapshots From a .500 Season, "Jocelyn". Evolutions Films, Brooks Elms, director.

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