Aug 27, 2015

Chang(e) Rosin fund residency at HERE, August 2015

Chang(e) Rosin fund residency at HERE, August 2015

For one week in August, the creative team and cast of Chang(e) had the opportunity to work in the space where we will have our premiere run this November 4th-22nd on the mainstage at HERE Arts Center. Our video designer, Kevan Loney, built video and programming through touch design and we were able to play with projecting on different surfaces, even onto fog! It was very cool. We (director Suzi Takahashi and myself) also worked with a new cast of very talented actor/dancers. Out goal was to integrate some new script ideas as well as introduce and try out design elements. It was a very fruitful and productive time. We are thankful for this rare opporutnity and look forward to sharing this new, exciting, thought provoking (albeit a heartbreaking subject matter--) work with the public. I am very excited about sharing Kathy Change's under recognized story to a broader audience. Hers is a story worthy of attention. 

Photo above: Zeke Stewart begins to see the light! 

Video designer Kevan Loney 

Rehearsal with cast