Circle in the Square 2 year Professional Training Program graduate. 

Meisner technique: David Perry, Carnegie Studios, NYC (3 years). 

Scene study for film and television: 3 of Us studios. Shelly Levinson, instructor. 

Scene study for film and television: One on One w/ NY casting directors Gayle Keller, Katarina Eggman and Danielle Diller.

Choreography Investigation Course: 5 month choreography course at Dance New Amsterdam. Choreography mnetorship with Alexandra Beller.


Proficient in choreographed Martial Arts fighting and stage combat (trained in Wu Shu, basic Wing Chun, boxing, nunchakus), Dance: jazz, modern, ballet, hip hop. Trained gymnast, ex-competitor, coach and choreographer, Voice: mezzo soprano, jazz and musical theatre private studies 4 years (Suzy Stern, Wade Russo, Kirsty Kaldro), Dialects: Korean, Chinese, Standard British, American Southern, Alto saxophonist: classical and jazz (can flip on trampoline while playing the sax)