Circle in the Square 2 year Professional Training Program graduate. 

Meisner technique: David Perry, Carnegie Studios, NYC (3 years). 

Scene study for film and television: 3 of Us studios. Shelly Levinson, instructor. 

Scene study for film and television: One on One w/ NY casting directors Gayle Keller, Katarina Eggman and Danielle Diller.

Choreography Investigation Course: 5 month choreography course at Dance New Amsterdam.


Proficient in choreographed Martial Arts fighting and stage combat (trained in Wu Shu, basic Wing Chun, boxing, nunchakus), Dance: jazz, modern, ballet, hip hop. Trained gymnast, ex-competitor, coach and choreographer, Voice: mezzo soprano, jazz and musical theatre private studies 4 years (Suzy Stern, Wade Russo, Kirsty Kaldro), Dialects: Korean, Chinese, Standard British, American Southern, Alto saxophonist: classical and jazz (can flip on trampoline while playing the sax)