Wonderful reviews for Chang(e)!

"Chang(e) alternates between reality and illusion, and its visual and aural environment is so alluring you want to bathe in it..." - Laura Collins-Hughes, The New York Times

"Soomi Kim is fearless as Change, simultaneously attracting and repelling the audience with her convictions, while showing a startling vulnerability..." (★★★★) - Diep Tran, Time Out New York

" At the center of it all is an awe-inspiring performance by Soomi Kim, who is on stage the entire ninety minutes... Kim captures all that was so mythic about the troubled activist."- Arpita Kukherjee, Stagebuddy.com

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Thank you to all who supported Chang(e)! 

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  • Chang(e) fund raiser

    Indiegogo campaign and fund raiser for the production of Chang(e)! Click here to see the page and support!! Campaign ends October 25th, 2015. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/support-new-work-about-kathy-change/x/535753#/story