Body Through Which the Dream Flows

A New Dance Theatre Work in Development

Body Through Which The Dream Flows is a new dance theatre piece featuring an ensemble of five young competitive gymnasts and theatre artist, choreographer, and former gymnastics coach Soomi Kim.

This work-in-progress iteration is an expressionistic blend of Kim's personal narrative of her life experience in the sport. Body Through Which The Dream Flows seeks to expose the internal and external forces that exist in gymnastics while undergoing a serious cultural shift following the largest sexual misconduct case in sports history. 

The larger question looms, how can one maintain their sense of self in a sport that teaches obedience? 

For Body Through Which The Dream Flows Kim works with young gymnasts as cast members and collaborators. Much of the movement and text is generated by the gymnasts through guided choreographic prompts. 

Featuring gymnasts:
Olivia Caraballoso
Amaya Cofre
Lucy Meola
Maiah Narvaez
Victoria Yim

Workshop: June 26th and 27th 2021 at Open Arts Studiom DUMBO, NY

Next workshop at the New Ohio Theatre in late August. Date TBA. Stay tuned!