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Guest Artist and Workshops

LEHMAN COLLEGE, NY- June 25th, 2018 Guest artist presentation for Professor Chris Bonastia's Macauley Honors College seminar course.

MARYMOUNT MANHATTAN COLLEGE- March 3rd, 2018, guest artist at Alvin Eng's Asian American Theatre class on Chang(e). 

HARVARD UNIVERSITY- April 3rd & 4th 2017, Guest Artist: Performance and presentaion, lecture on Kathy Change for Prof. Vivian Huang's "Staging Protest" class and devised text and movement workshop. Title of presentation: "Reperformance & Resistance" Embodying a a repertoire of Asian American visionaries 


NEW YORK CITY ASIAN AMERICAN STUDENT CONFERENCE- April 23rd, 2016: Featured Guest Artist presentation on trilogy of work titled "Lee, Cha & Change"

OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY- April 2014, Guest Artist: Performance/presentation, lectures in Directing Class and workshop for devising text & movement

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